Daylight Savings Time ENDS this weekend. Be sure to turn your clocks BACK one hour Saturday night (Nov. 1) before going to bed.


Youth/College Ministries


College Group meets Mon's
@ 8:30 In theLoft @ CPC
Community, Study, Life, Honesty
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Impact (high school) meets on Sunday's
@ 7pm in the Gym
Faith, Worship, Activities, Friends
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Club J (6th-8th grade) meets Wed's
@ 5:30pm in the Gym
Faith, Food, Activities, Friends

Mission Opportunities


Community Service Opportunities

Centerville Free Dining

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High School Girls
Meets Tuesdays during the school year
@ 7pm in theLoft
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High School Boys
Meets Tuesdays
@ 4pm in theLoft
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Middle School Boys
Meets Tuesdays
@ 4pm in theLoft
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Sunday School Classes*
Jr. High Sunday School
6th-8th grade
in theLoft @ 9:30am

High School Sunday School
9th-12th grade
in the Westminster Room @ 9:30am

*Classes start out with the rest of the
congregation in our first service then exit
before the sermon. We do not meet on the
first Sunday of the month

Other Events to Get Connected