Extended Care Program

The Centerville Church Preschool Extended Care Program is an optional four and one-half hour after school program designed to provide the highest quality care for your child. Children will be cared for by the same highly educated and certified teachers that instruct the children during school hours.

Children will experience a fun, closely supervised afternoon, with a scheduled lunch time and nap time. Important note: Lunch must be brought by the family, no lunch will be provided by the school.

Those families utilizing the program on a regular basis must provide a schedule to the school at least one week prior to the start of each month. These families will receive priority placement in the extended care program. Families needing “drop-in” hours must receive prior approval from school staff and it will be on a first come first served basis.

12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. No extended care will be provided on school holidays.

There are three (3) payment options:

1. PREPAID SCHEDULED CARE: receives priority consideration. Payment is due at the start of the month, and the hours are not transferable due to absence-however, this is the most affordable option for those who use Extended Care often.

Scheduled Extended Care Fee Schedule

Hours per month


0-30 hrs/month


31-50 hrs/month


51-70 hrs/month


71-98 (max) hrs/month


(Multiple Child Discounts: Each month, 10% will be discounted off the lowest rate of scheduled extended care for each additional child. No discounts will be given for “Block” or unscheduled “Drop-In” hours.)

2. BLOCK HOURS: Blocks of hours can be purchased at the drop-in rate of $6/hr., to be used at the parent’s discretion. This offers the greatest flexibility for those who use the program often, but don’t want to commit to a non-refundable schedule.

3. DAILY DROP-IN: Daily drop-in fees of $6/hr. are the most flexible, providing there is space available.