Spring Mission Experiences

Please take a few moments to fill out this application for the mission trip you are attending in the Spring.
First Name
Last Name
Which trip are you registering for and in what role?
If registering as student, what are the names of your Parents/Guardians?
Phone Number
Email Address
Are you on Facebook
What is your T-Shirt size?
  • Small
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  • X-Large
  • XX-Large
If you need a scholarship... how much do you need?
Question #1: Why do you want to go on this mission trip this year?
Question #2: In a few sentences how would you describe your relationship with God?

Take some time to read Matthew 25:31-46 and answer the following questions. This is our theme verse this year and we want you to start digging into it from the very begining.

Question #3 What do you think is the main point Jesus is trying to make in this section?
Question #4 This passage speaks of Christ as supreme judge over our lives. Drawing upon this passage and other passages you are familiar with, do you think Jesus is trustworthy in this role? Explain.
Question #5: This passage us challenges us to be charitable to others as a way we love Jesus. Charity can also be described as unconditional loving-kindness. When have you experienced unconditional loving-kindness from God? From others? When have you given unconditional loving kindness to others?