Our Ministries

Our Adult Ministries is very nurturing and caring. You will find a strong supportive community rooted in prayer.
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Let's face it, men are different than women and need other men to connect with- in "manly" ways. We think that can happen here.
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The Women's Ministries at CPC is vasst and deep. With opportunities for every age.
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Every teenager/college student needs to figure out who they are and who they are becoming. We are here to walk with you through your journey.
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Children's Ministry offers a full program of learning about Jesus and what He can do in our lives for all children age three months through fifth grade.
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Focusing on both the majesty and intimacy of God in Jesus Christ, our services and events provide many ways for you to worship.
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We believe we are connected to people everywhere under the unity of Christ. We are involved in many communities, home and abroad.
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At CCP we want to provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance where every child can grow and develop as in individual and as a member of a group.
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